Friday, June 20, 2014

Ducks are Actually Really Clean Creatures

~ Monday & Tuesday grooming ~
 The ducks love to come with me out of the enclosure in the early morning hours. Once we've cleaned their house, changed their water & put in fresh duck food, it's off to the gardens for a bit of watering, weeding & meditation time.

I have bins out in the yard for them to always have a source of water & most mornings, they will jump in & splash around.

Monday & Tuesday are just over 3 weeks old & starting to look a bit scraggly. They are growing their first set of feathers, so are constantly grooming themselves. Right now their tail feathers haven't popped out much, so they have these funny short little back sides...

~ Penelopea dropping feathers ~
Penelopea, on the other hand, is starting to shed her under feathers... We are starting to see a lot more very small, very light & fluffy feathers floating around the yard.

I'm sure we'll see them in the house in a few days & I recall from last year they actually will start showing up in the fridge & once I had one in my coffee cup!

Thankfully ducks are clean. They don't smell like dirty birds & I know I can usually pick them up & not worry about having mud stains remain on my clothes... Of course, it has been a dry spring, so who knows what will happen when the rains return!

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