Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comfrey Tea - Brewed & Stewed!

~ comfrey tea - the stink is amazing! ~

Well, I almost forgot about my bucket of comfrey tea I had brewing out by the composter! Thankfully I stumbled on it & was able to put most of it to good use immediately. Now, this stuff is pretty stinky - well, ok - downright nasty! But the plants in the greenhouse really loved it & I just left the door open for a couple of days & the smell disappeared.

I poured off half the bucket & diluted it, just in case it was too strong. Don't want to burn the plants with too much fertilizer. I refilled the bucket & will use the rest of it up this week on some of my berry bushes that have set their fruit & need just a small pick-me-up to help plump up & ripen the berries...

Later in the summer, I might be able to brew up another bucket, we'll see how this summer turns out.

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