Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Admitting to Failure

~ red currants? ~
Well, I have to admit that I failed my red currants this year in splendid fashion. I'm rather disappointed with myself & have no idea how I let things get so far behind with them...

Maybe it's because I don't enjoy red currants as much as black currants, but whatever the reason, there are a few drastic actions I'll be taking this fall.

~ red currant bush ~
The plants were amazingly heavy with blooms this spring, so I actually knew I was going to have a big harvest. I just didn't plan things properly.

As the season progress, the branches grew heavy on the plants & they fell over onto the yard & were being overgrown with grass. So I found some rebar & some garden twine & hauled the branches up  so that I could get to the berries & mow under the shrub.

Well, the robins were well fed for about 3 days. They ate ALL the berries - even the ones that aren't ripe...

I might have been better off to leave the branches down on the ground, hiding all the berries... But the ducks had found the shrubs & were already making a dent into the potential harvest, so I don't think there was much I could do this year.

I'll have to prune out all those misshaped branches & think about investing in some bird netting for next year... What a disappointment!!

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