Friday, May 16, 2014

Wildflowers Always Migrate

~ purple Columbine ~
 The wildflowers are starting to make an appearance - they are mostly in purples & pinks out here (in my yard).

They like to wander around, appearing in new places each year, some years more in pink, some years more in purple.

The Columbines are tall, stately flowers with gently nodding blooms that attract all sorts of pollinating insects & I'm sure the hummingbirds check them out periodically too.

~ pink Columbine ~

As the flowers set seed, I try to make note of which ones are pink or purple - if I want to increase the colour of one, I have to cut back the other so I'm not harvesting the seeds of the colour I don't want. Most years I forget to do that, so it's always a guessing game as to what Mother Nature will give me.

I don't mind - Columbines are easy to grow.

Now, if only I could have some of those hybrid ones from the nursery in reds & yellows... but I'm sure they would becoming cross-pollinated with my wild ones & eventually return to the pink & purple colour...

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