Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wild Berries in Bloom - Part 2

 Another wild berry that grows out here & some might not see too much of it, are the native trailing blackberries. In a country where blackberries are bane of many people's lives, I can't have enough of certain varieties & this one I would love to have a whole fence-line of!

It grows low & on the ground; most times you won't even know it's there unless it becomes wrapped around your ankle. Right now it is in bloom & what I try to do with the few I have growing on the one side of the property is drape the vines up & over the shrubs or through the fence. The vines quickly become camouflaged over the summer & I might forget there are berries to be had!

Once the berries do start to ripen, they are minuscule. About the size of your pinkie finger nail! It takes a lot of time to find enough to make any sort of contribution to a meal, so  in all honesty, I usually just eat what I find during my daily wandering.

Maybe one year I'll have stopped pruning that side of the property enough to allow enough plants to grow to harvest & make a jar of jam!

They might be extremely small in size, but they pack an amazing flavour punch. One of the best tasting blackberries I've come across yet! At least on the west coast of the island as I've heard the blackberries on the east side of the island are pretty amazing...

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