Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tired Not-So-Little Duckies

 On my days off, I've been keeping the ducks outside for as long as possible. Very soon they will be moved out to their house & enclosure, so they need to start becoming accustomed to being outside all day long.

Most times I have them foraging with me as I am working in the gardens. They are great for getting under my feet or 'helping' dig in the hole I am working on.

When I'm not outside, or they need to chill, I put them in the dreaded 'play pen' - a small portable fenced space with a cover on the top & food & water. As you can see in the first photo, the dinosaur was very happy to have me haul her out for another wander around the yard. But she was expecting to be carried for part of the way & hoped I would do so by sitting on my feet.
 The little one is not so little any more. He barely fits into my hand! At 3 weeks old, I was expecting him to be bigger, but since the two ducks are from different parents, I have the feeling he won't be as big as the first one.

Afternoons are generally spent napping & so every time I turned around, they were trying to get underneath me for some cover & snuggle time. Silly ducks...

I knew it was time to put them back inside so that I could finish my chores when every time I stopped to take a photo of a plant or check on growth, the dinosaur would crawl between my feet & lay down...

I need to rewrite some of those duck manuals out there - ducklings like to 'cave' - a term I invented. I've provided a covered area on each of their totes to give them a dark, sheltered space for them to escape to when they sleep - not as good as a momma duck, but they rather enjoy it. They burrow underneath our arms or legs whenever they want quiet time, so it makes sense they are looking for protection.

They are also finally starting to get along with each other! The dinosaur doesn't like when the other one is not in view & calls to him. She'll also run after him if she thinks he's found a stash of bugs! Silly ducks....

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