Thursday, May 1, 2014

This Week is All About the Quack

 I'm so amazed at how quickly ducklings will grow. In only 4 days it is almost doubled in size! The amount of food it eats is increasing too... I think we have a duck that likes to eat.

Going outside for play time is becoming an important part of the routine, I think the poor thing is getting bored in its new tote. Ever since we introduced it to the new little cheeper, it wants to peck the poor thing's head, so we moved it to a larger tote on the floor. It can't see out the sides but the new perspective of looking up at its environment means that it really wants out & either on the floor, in the garden or even snuggling in the crook of your arm.

Well, we wanted ducks we could pet...

Instincts are another amazing thing too. We can teach the ducks certain things, but it knows to run for cover when those large shadows fly over-head (crows, eagles, ravens, sometimes even just robins). I have to watch where I'm walking in the gardens now because inevitably the little peeper is right behind me & between my feet.

When I go to pick fresh greens for the day, it watches & gets right in there where the action is. So, I guess in a way, I'm showing it what greens to pick & it quite enjoys when I stir up the insects in the grass. It has already taken to eating insects & small slugs! I'm starting to strategically place watering stations around the areas where we forage so that it can get rid of that slug slime!
It has taken a few dunks in the tray of water & always seems to freak itself out when it gets all the way under the water. We are still careful not to let it get too wet for too long. The water proofing gland is not fully developed & even though we have warm weather this week, it can get chilled quickly.

It has also learned that when I slid my hand under its breast that the feet need to come up into the palm of my hand so I can pick it up. I usually have my other hand full of greens, so if it wants to come with me, it needs to figure out how. I don't think I'll be able to hold it like this for too much longer - it is growing very quickly & those feet... my oh my... those feet are large!
Spend some time with them last night before lights out. The new little cheeper on the left is fluffing up nicely but they still can't share space. The older duckling still wants to peck it in the head... Not sure what goes on in those bird brains...

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