Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Heat Brings Them All Out

~ John Downy crab apple ~
 The last few days have been 'unseasonably' warm - (not complaining, not complaining!) which means that Mother Nature knocks things up a few notches.

My crab apple just exploded into bloom - so glad to have caught it. The wild Pacific crab apples are still another few days away from blooming, but if you want to help any of your fruiting shrubs, trees or other berries - invest in a crab apple. They are the best cross pollinators out there!

~ blueberry ~

I have been waiting for the blueberries to open their blooms for a month. I thought they would have been in bloom when the mason bees started to emerge, but they resisted til just yesterday.

I'll need to check on the mason bee houses to see if the hatch out of cocoons was successful this year or not (I have the feeling April was just too cold & they didn't do much...)

Hopefully my Pink Lemonade blueberry grows well this year & puts out some flowers for a crop - I'm intrigued as to how they taste different!
~ purple lilac ~

Finally, after waiting for 6 years, my lilac has bloomed! I walked by & could smell them before I even noticed a few of the blooms were open. I can't wait to pick a few fresh clusters & bring with me to work. This is THE spring flowering shrub everyone should invest in.

Now to see if the white ones will open in the next few weeks...

I'm so glad I decided not to cut them all back last fall in a fit of utter frustration for lack of flowering!

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