Monday, May 5, 2014

The Continuing Adventures of the Dinosaur (Duckling)

~ dinosaur play pen ~
 Yesterday I thought I would introduce the dinosaur to the outdoor play pen. The weather is supposed to be turning nicer, so it would be a good idea to get the little thing used to being outside for several hours at a time, but in a safe environment. (the big duck enclosure is not yet ready, so the play pen idea is necessary)

The duckling was NOT impressed & distress called almost the entire 2 hours out there. Traumatic - more so for me than it, I'm sure...

I was running in & out of the house, harvesting greens & other small garden chores, so finally I was finished & decided to rescue the duckling.

We headed into the greenhouse where I know there are lots of slugs in the raised bed for it to eat.

I put in the tray with some water so that slug-slime mouth wouldn't become too much of an issue & bath time ensued. Bath time is becoming more comfortable for the dinosaur... Yesterday I had it in a larger bin of water & somehow or other, somersaults were performed & it freaked itself out! This duck can jump high & it's really funny when it jumps high because it freaked itself out....

All this is good practice & it is starting to activate the oil gland in the tail so that it will become water proof in no time. Mean while, I have to make sure it doesn't become too water logged & yes... I will use a towel to dry the little darling off...

Seriously - who's a pretty duck??

We grabbed some greens (sorrel, comfrey, lettuce, dandelion, clover) & headed into the house. I thought I would try the sink as a bathtub - a bit more contained for splashing than a bin on the laundry room floor.

The dinosaur can hop down into or out of the sink all on its own & quite enjoys itself while I'm working beside - chopping up the greens for the day.

Who's a spoiled duck??

Can't wait for the little one to grow a bit more so we can include it in our Duck Adventures!!

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