Thursday, May 8, 2014

Taming Those Wild & Prickly Canes

~ loganberry blooms ~
I think I've finally figured out how to successfully grow large quantities of loganberries: Grow them sideways!

Last fall I spent a lot of time pruning back the old canes & tying the new canes to my fence to have them grow sideways - horizontal if you like.

~ wall of loganberry blooms ~
The new growth sprouting from the canes is where all the berries are going to be produced. I know this is what certain fruit tree growers do, but this is the first year I've consciously done it with the loganberries.
 Almost every single vertical shoot growing along this fence is a flower blossom bunch.

I'm very excited to see the potential I have here - the loganberry jam I make is quite the flavourful power punch & goes so well with cheese & other fruit that you'll never look at bread again.

I also made 5 gallons of loganberry wine that is quite stunning with a slice of lemon & a few ice cubes.

I might try mixing up the flavours a bit this year - introduce basil with loganberry & 'wow!!'
All I need to keep up with for these canes is to mulch around the base of the canes & give a hit of fertilizer once the berries are set & just about to start ripening (so late July).

~ Pacific wild crab apple blooms ~
 I have a Pacific crab apple on the corner of the property & it is in bloom right now. I wish there were a way to share the scent of these flowers with you - I was not expecting such a great smell from a wild tree bloom! The tree is fairly loaded with blooms & this is a great source of food for our pollinating insects.

Crab apples are considered a universal pollinating plant so this is nice to see. I'll have to see if the fruit set & what kind of fruit is produced. I've not really paid too much attention to this tree as I only really identified it a couple years ago after we pruned it heavily (to install the deer fence) & it produced blooms the next year. Wild trees that produce fruit... who'd have thought!!!

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