Saturday, May 17, 2014

Perennial vs Annual

~ perennial bachelor buttons ~
 I try as much as possible to grow perennial plants - flowers & herbs especially. Saves a whole lot of time & effort in the spring when you know your plants will return on their own & all you have to do is treat them nice.

One of my new found favorites are the perennial bachelor buttons. I was lucky enough to have a friend give me a large pot full of plants a couple years ago - she thinks they are horribly invasive & if they are, well, I've got a few spots out here that could do with some invasive plants!
Right now they are starting to bloom & you might mistake them for thistles as the flower is similar in appearance.

Throw them down in a slightly damp area of your yard & they'll pretty much take care of themselves. The plant will grow wide & does have the tendency to fall over & have that slightly ugly wide-open centre look. I might try growing them up in shortened tomato cages to help support the flowers & leaves, but usually I'll just cut them back when they look spent & if the season is right, they'll grow right back & give me another set of flowers.

If you don't want them spreading, make sure to dispose of the seed heads appropriately - don't compost a seed head that is set - either 'donate' it to the ditch or a wild area you enjoy. This is the kind of plant that will propagate itself only when you don't want it to!

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