Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It Only Takes a Few

~ potato bed ~
This was my herb bed til this spring when I had to remove all the old & dead plants. I decided to bring it into my veggie bed rotation & the best crop to grow on slightly tired soil are potatoes.

They don't require or want rich soil - don't bother to feed them or use compost with them. I planted them 'by the dark of the moon' so it has been a month now. With the heat of last week & the rains of this, they are showing lots of growth.

Soon I will start to hill them & mulch around the plants. I'll be installing my soaker hose in the next few weeks & will more than likely just run the hose down the center of the bed as I usually don't waste too much time watering this crop.

Come July I'll be able to harvest baby potatoes (if not sooner - depends on the weather) & then by end of August I like to have them all removed. I've noticed in the beds I grew potatoes in last year, there are a few that I missed harvesting, so new plants are already growing! I might dig them up & gently pop them into this bed... or just eat them...

Once you grow potatoes, you'll always have potatoes in your gardens!
(ps - don't compost rotten potatoes or large chunks of potatoes unless you want volunteer plants showing up in unexpected places!)


Sharon Robinson said...

I was glad to run across this post. My final potatoes from last year were growing in the pantry so I cut them up and potted them in the greenhouse, then moved them outside a couple weeks ago. I was worried that they would not grow "true" to type or whatever you call it, but it sounds like you do this all the time?

Michelle's Green Thumb said...

Hi Sharon
Glad you found the post! I have done this method for a few years now & it seems to work out quite well. We don't eat a lot of potatoes, so this one bed is plenty. I don't think store bought potatoes (unless they are organic) will sprout but I'm sure yours should do well. Cheers