Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is it Summer Yet?

Today I 'called in sick' while at work. I actually did have a massive headache & as soon as I got home (not much earlier than usual) & peeled the shoes & socks off to mow the lawn (yes, I know - dangerous) I immediately started to feel better!
The sunshine was delicious & the smell of fresh cut grass an instant mood elevator. There were squishy parts in the lawn that oozed fresh dirt up between my toes & drier sections that massaged the bottoms of the feet. I should just run around the yard in bare feet more often & leave that nasty lawn mower in the shed!
At the end of a great marathon session in the front yard, what better way to celebrate the first day of May than with a glass of loganberry wine. Add ice & lemon & you have the perfect summer beverage.
Here's to Happy May Day - or, as I like to call it: First Day of Summer!! 

(someone mentioned there are only 6 more weeks til the days get shorter - why not start summer now?)

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