Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Love a Duckling

 We spent some time outside, enjoying this amazing spring sunshine & heat - a bit earlier than usual for our area, but who is going to complain, really?

The dinosaur duckling really loves being outside, so it needed a cage - which was being constructed while I spent some time with our new little cheeper on its first outing. For the most part, this little one just wants to be held & is quite content to sit quietly. It is only 2 days old, so I didn't want it to get cold too quickly & I obliged the obvious cuteness factor that Mother Nature instilled upon it.

How could you not want to hold such a darling little thing??

Here you can plainly see the blue eyes. Who knew ducks had different coloured eyes? Did you also know that ducks have 3 eye lids? On that goes up, one that goes down & one that goes sideways to allow it to swim underwater & see where it's going!

You have to watch them closely to observe that. Kinda cool!

This one is still too young to be out for too long. It is still getting used to its legs! Come on! Hurry up & grow!

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