Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Herbal Oils - I didn't Forget!

~ herbal oils now finished ~
Well, back almost 2 weeks ago, I started up a couple batches of herbal oils & promptly forgot all about them!

I just noticed my 2 cookie trays of herbs drying in the office & thought to check on the oils. It was a good thing I made sure they were sealed with plastic wrap & all the herbs were submerged as these oils are finished & just need to be strained & re-bottled.

The smell is quite lovely - I do rather enjoy a strong flavoured oil (or vinegar) as that means I don't have to use too much other herbs in either the finishing of the meal or as sides in other dishes.

Make sure to press as much of the oil & remaining essential oils from the herbs as possible. I have a strainer placed over a 4 cup measuring cup & use a rubber spatula to do this. Pour into bottles, label & store either in the fridge or in a cool, dark & accessible cupboard to use over the next few months.

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