Saturday, May 10, 2014

Everyone Needs a Little Therapy

~ many forms of therapy in action ~
 Summer is slowly gearing up.

The gardens are taking off, whether they've been planted or not & sometimes the weather cooperates & allows you to spend time outside.

Work can keep you too busy sometimes too, so it is important to learn how to relax outside in your chaos, disasters & otherwise not-yet-done garden chores.

I'm still learning the art of 'unwinding, relaxing & enjoying the moment'. Today was a perfect moment in time - THERAPY much needed & absolutely free!

My forms of therapy are not limited to, but most certainly include: sunshine, bare feet, refreshing beverages, ducks & Mother Nature's symphony in the back ground.

The little duck is just over a week old & we can see that a growth spurt is close at hand... both ducks are growing daily, so we try to spend as much time holding them & handling them right now so they'll be easier to handle when they are adults.

The dinosaur is starting to go through the first of many moults - changing of feathers. I like to spend a bit of time scratching the poor thing as I can see that there are itchy spots where new feathers are popping out & sometimes a bit of extra help is still appreciated.

 The little yellow guy just can't get any cuter.


 Just spending some time watching the behavioral differences between the 2 ducks takes your mind off any problems.

The little yellow one I've compared to a cat stalking prey. It likes to get its body down low to the ground with its neck stretched out. It then very carefully tip toes through the grass in search of insects - flies or spiders or ants. When it sees one, it will run & try to catch it. But the small size it is right now, means that it just doesn't have the speed, so more often than not, the insect goes free...

Because it is still so small, it likes to remain close to us & will sometimes just come over & jump up on an outstretched leg for a few moments of cuddle time. Or, it will burrow underneath for a few minutes of quiet time (sometimes it will fall asleep for a few minutes too).

Such silly little things - really does a person good to spend a few minutes with them. I've got my neighbours hooked on 'duck therapy' & they know they can come over any time to talk with the ducks if they need to. Ducks are great at listening!!

Now if only the two of them would get along better... they still peck at each other on occasion...

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