Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Early Season Herbs

~ chives ~
 Herbs - these are a MUST HAVE for your gardens & for the most part, they do so well out here on the coast.

A great one are chives - they grow quickly, produce amazing flavoured flowers that you can eat & that help the insect population - the bees love them.

If you have deer, they will nibble on them first thing in the spring & then leave them alone for the rest of the year.

Easy to divide & share with friends or start new clumps in your gardens - I suggest using them as accents in your flower beds too!
~ rosemary ~

Rosemary can do well out here - provided you give it protection during the winter under a plastic covering, especially if the winter is colder than usual & has lots of snow (colder than usual out here in Bamfield is anything below -12 degrees for longer than 3 or 4 days!)

This particular plant I actually grew from seed & this is the first time I've seen it flower. I've had to restrain myself from harvesting too much off it as I wanted it to become established in the flower bed. I think the time has come for me to just buy a few plants each year & harvest to my heart's content. I have an amazing recipe for salal-rosemary-red wine vinegar that will make your mouth water...

Rosemary will make you happy to have close at hand.
~ lemon sorrel ~

These monster plants are my lemon sorrel. They are actually over grown at the moment & I'll be harvesting them this weekend to turn into sorrel pesto.

I'll have to share that recipe (if I haven't already) as it is such a wonderful thing to have in the freezer in the deep gray winter months. Tangy & lemony - great to eat fresh from the garden or tossed in with other greens in a herb salal.

It has a deep tap root - so you might want to find a spot in the gardens or even the yard where you don't mind it growing. Cut it all the way back & it will grow fresh tender leaves again within a few weeks. Some years I'll manage to harvest the plants 3 times! Dig it up & divide every 4 or 5 years to keep healthy - give away what you don't want!

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