Sunday, May 18, 2014

Duck Family Update...

~ 1 month old! ~
 Spring is such a busy time of year & sometimes you just have to sit back & watch the action around you.

The ducks are growing every day - not surprising & actually rather cool to see changes that occur almost over night!

The dinosaur (I am starting to use a name... but it's not reveal day yet...) is molting - the baby fluff is being shed & her first feathers are coming along. I keep watching around the face to see if any Muscovy indications are making an appearance, but so far... none.

This morning I brought them out with me into the big wide front yard to enjoy the sunshine. Morning bath rituals are important to get rid of the itchy bits from her newly emerging feathers.

And almost over night, her wings have suddenly grown! She'll still look awkward for a few more weeks; the wing feathers seem to be some of the last ones to come in.

~ duckie now 2 1/2 weeks old ~
The little one is 2 1/2 weeks old now & is still a cute cuddler. This one is becoming very adept at catching insects & running around the yard.

The cheeping at 3:00 in the morning will hopefully end soon... that's getting a little exhausting.

The duck enclosure is almost finished. A few more  finishing touches to the house & some more concrete for the fence & we should be able to move them out for full days in a week. The totes in the laundry room downstairs are becoming a bit confining...

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