Monday, May 19, 2014

Come out to My Gardens - My Flowers want to Say 'Hello'

~ bearded iris ~
If I could eat more flowers, I would be eating like royalty every day!

The flowers coming out at this time of year are stunning.

Right now, the bearded iris are showing off in a few quiet little corners. These were rescued gifts, so I'm not really sure if they have specific names or even how old they are.

I have several different varieties & am lucky that they bloom at slightly different times so the gardens are always in a change of wardrobe.

~ mullein ~
The mullein has gone through a bit of a thinning in the gardens. I had to remove all the plants from one bed that became infested with moss. This was the bed that had the majority of my mullein plants & I don't think I was able to rescue as many of them as I thought.

Now begins the process of slowly dividing them over the next few years & increasing my population. These again will provide a second set of flowers if I prune them back when they start to look tired. Right now, they are perfect for the insects & sort of have an 'insect look' to them themselves.

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