Sunday, May 4, 2014

Can you Hear Them Growing?

~ basket of gold ~
 This morning I heard that there was 6 inches of snow that fell out in Alberta (my sister shared a photo of the confused robins in the trees & she's just west of Calgary!)

I had to run out & take photos of the brilliant blooms we have here. Even in the rain, the yellows & purples are capable of blowing your mind!
~ bluebells ~

Right now is a transition in colours in the garden. We are starting to enter into the pink & purple phase of flowers.

~ Columbine ~

I don't even bother trying to grow any other colours of columbines - they get pollinated with the wild plants & I end up loosing all those fabulous reds & yellows you see offered in nurseries. Plus the wild ones are hardier & you can spread their seeds around to fill up all those empty spots in your gardens for free!

~ forget-me-nots ~

Forget-me-nots may have the tendency to become invasive, but they are pulled out so easy when they are finished flowering that I don't mind spending an afternoon 'weeding'. I'll usually leave one or two to reseed that area & if I find holes elsewhere I'll carefully put the seed pods into a bag & sow a new area of the yard.

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