Sunday, April 6, 2014

Which came First: the Duck or the Duck Egg?

After our little adventure last year with adopting 3 funny little ducks & then losing them in the fall, we decided to try again this spring.

Initially, we had hoped to find someone who had ducklings for sale that could be sexed early, which would allow us to just pick up 3 (1 male & 2 female) for us to bring home.

It didn't turn out that way...

I found a farm in the nearby town of Port Alberni & with a friend, stopped by there yesterday to pick up some fresh laid eggs that the ducks were sitting on. I guess it was a bit of a chore for the folks to get the eggs out from underneath the ducks, but I ended up with 8 rather large & slightly dirty eggs to bring home in a cooler bag, wrapped in a towel with hot water bottles inside to keep the eggs warm on the 2 hour journey home.

Now begins another time of waiting... The incubator holds only 7 eggs (sorry last egg - you do not get to be hatched but will feed some critter outside in the was a Muscovy egg anyway! *note at bottom*) I've marked the top & bottom of each egg & 2 to 3 times a day, we will turn the eggs (end over end) & ensure that the container in the centre has water - which provides humidity for the developing eggs.

In a few days we will candle the eggs to see where they are in development as we don't really know when they were laid. This will allow us to better estimate their hatch date.

Now that we have the eggs, we better get going on finishing their enclosure!!

*note* why is it that everyone I bump into who owns Muscovy ducks wants to get rid of them (or share the wealth?). The neighbour over the hill would love for me to have 2 of his, the farm we got the eggs from sneaked in 2 Muscovy eggs but also tried to give us adult ducks to take home. Sorry...I really don't find that particular type of duck very appealing!

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