Friday, April 18, 2014

When Life Begins to Crack Out

We candled the eggs on the 16th & found one of the eggs had a crack! The little duck was ready to come out & it was much-much sooner than we expected. By about 10 days!

The following morning there was not much change, but we whistled to the little thing & were rewarded with peeping from inside the egg & enthusiastic poking at the crack.

Now the waiting game was to commence for who knows how long it takes a duckling to emerge from its shell??

I came home early from work in order to set up the brooder. Our neighbour was gracious enough to loan me the only heat lamp in town - mine doesn't arrive til late next week due to the Easter weekend. We are going to keep the little things down in a clear tote in the laundry room. They are loud little peepers & I don't think housing them in the bathtub upstairs would have been a good idea - we wouldn't get much sleep with all the noise!
 After a few hours I checked on the progress & the little thing had managed to get a wing out!

Lots of peeping & struggles to extract itself from the shell so I knew hatch out would be later in the evening.

I didn't want to disturb it too much as there was definite response to my voice & whistles. There just wasn't much room in that incubator for the poor thing! (*note for future: put only 6 duck eggs in to allow for movement of hatching ducklings!*)

Finally I couldn't hold off any longer & I went back down again about an hour later & found our hatched duckling on the far side of the incubator wedged in with the other eggs.

Amazing how all that was folding & curled over on itself & grown inside an egg!!

I rescued it.

Look at how dark those feathers are! We've got a little stuffed animal in the brooder to keep it company til the other ducklings start hatching (we might be babysitting a box full of chicks starting next week too!) but for now the little darling peeps like crazy when it sees us - which is often as we can't help but go admire our first little duck.

I wonder what sort of blend we have with this one?!

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