Saturday, April 26, 2014

They Grow so Quickly

 Well, our little peeper is now a week old & growing very quickly. It eats almost constantly - or so we think because when we check in on it, it eats & eats & eats. It likes to make a mess & spray water & greens everywhere - generally has fun with its food.

I will take it out in the morning with me for a few minutes of foraging the in the garden while I gather fresh greens for the day. I've developed a bad habit of bringing it into the kitchen to be with us while I chop up the greens & it can hardly wait to get in there & eat some fresh food!

I actually think it's quite adorable how little it is & how attached it has become to what it now knows is the most reliable food source it has...ME!

Pretty soon I won't be able to have it on the counter with me & there is no way it will remain in the sink beside me while I go through this morning routine.

Who am I kidding - I rather like the little dinosaur!!

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