Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunshine & Rain

 April showers bring May flowers...
Flowers wait for no one; we all know that!

At this time of year you really do have to walk through your gardens on a daily basis, regardless of the torrential rains or the soggy rain gear. Flowers cannot wait to show off & I've found that some of the best ones last for only a few days...

~ Basket of Gold (Alyssium) ~
Basket of Gold, on the other hand, lasts for a long time, smells great & will re-bloom if pruned back. These large clusters of tiny flowers attract so many insects - I wish I could have this growing in more places in the yard. Will have to see if I can save some seeds & get some started in the greenhouse this year.
~ candy tuft ~

The candy tuft has made a wonderful comeback after being munched on by the deer last spring. This flower will also last a while in the flower beds & appreciates a good prune when done flowering. Make sure to give it space - the plant will grow quite large if you let it & take over whatever space is around it.
~ Lady's Mantle ~

Lady's Mantle has the potential to become invasive but as long as you have a heavy hand with the pruner & dead-head the flowers before they go to seed, you should be able to contain it. I just love the way the rain drops sit on the leaves & how resilient it is to the now-no-longer present deer & occasional lawnmower or weed wacker attack.

Wonder what else is sparkling out there this weekend?

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