Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is Sparkling - Part 2

~ forsythia ~
 The end of March brought in a few nice days. There were moments when the wind stopped blowing that we could feel heat in the sunshine!

The forsythia has decided to finally bloom - wonderful bright yellow flowers that are buzzing & alive with bee folk. I hope to get more growing soon.
~ Mary Flemming rhodo ~
Last spring was devastating to many of my plants - even the rhodos were ravaged by the deer. Thankfully they have recovered & decided to produce a few blooms this year! They are so dainty & pretty - I must admit I quite enjoy them & wasn't sure I would when I realized just what it was I purchased.
~ Mary Flemming rhodo ~

Sometimes an unknown purchase can be rewarding!

I hope in a few years they will be utterly covered in blooms!

~ my 'not white' rhodo ~
Which brings me to my 'white rhodo' - which to my utter disgust is Barbie Doll pink... Really??

Rule #1: when purchasing rhododendrons, make sure to pick them when they are in full bloom. Don't believe what the tag says.

I bought this for my White Garden - which I should realize is just not really ever going to be realized as everything I ever plant in that area reverts back to wild or native colouring (like the white daffodils I planted there a few years ago - they are now just as yellow as the rest in all my other gardens... or how about all the white crocus I planted that ended up being purple...)

So, needless to say, Barbie rhodo was removed & planted in the back corner as punishment. We'll see how we feel about each other in a few years...

Other than that, Spring is surely Sparkling wonderfully!!

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