Friday, April 25, 2014

Something this Pretty must Taste Good

~ bok choy flowers ~
 I have a few greens in the greenhouse that are starting to flower & set seed. Did you know you can eat those flowers & not feel like you've missed out on harvesting & eating your own produce?

Right now the brassicas (kale & relatives) that survived the winter foraging, are starting to put their energy into flowers & seed. You can pick the blossom heads & throw them into salads or stir fries & still benefit from all the nutrients & vitamins they contain. The different greens will have different flavours - some bitter, some peppery but all should have a small hit of sweet from the nectar they hold. Plus it adds some much wanted bright colour to the salad.

~ viola flowers ~
I have these darling little 'Johnny Jump Ups' (Viola) that have actually been blooming since December. I had that raised bed covered with plastic to protect my lavender plants from being drowned or frozen this winter & the violas decided they were happy & started to bloom.

Pick these flowers & add them to your greens. They really don't have much flavour on their own, other than a wee bit of nectar, but they are quite lovely.

I feed a few to the duckling too - eek - introducing potentially a bad habit to the little peeper, but I figure if I can eat it, than the duckling can have a little bit too.

The early bees & insects also appreciate when you let things bloom & set seed at this time of year. 

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