Friday, April 4, 2014

Potatoes by the Dark of the Moon

 Ok - so I don't eat a whole lot of potatoes. It is not a staple food in our diet - I consider it more of a seasonal treat - especially if they come straight from the garden!

My favourite are the Banana Fingerlings - nice & small & they roast up so quickly with some lemon, coconut oil & salt!

This year I ripped out my very old herbs from this bed & decided to put potatoes in. I found a paper bag down stairs with 4 Yukons from last year & a couple dozen small Fingerlings. They - as typical potatoes do in my house - had already sprouted.

I've read about common folklore or tradition to plant your potatoes by the dark of the moon. Meaning when there is a new moon in the sky. Something about the pull of the tides & the moon at this time of year... Well, I wasn't about to trudge out in the gardens with a head lamp on at midnight to play in the soil (as I'm sure my neighbour did!), but I did do it on the new moon.

I just trenched around the edge of the bed - plunked in the potatoes & covered them up. I hope to receive my parsley seeds in the mail any day & they will be seeded in the centre of the bed. I sprinkled in some calendula & marigold seeds around the edge & by the time they are big enough, I'll be able to apply straw mulch around the growing potato plants.

Easy-peasy! I hadn't planned on this bed to be used this way, but I'm up for switching things up this year in the gardens. That's what it is all about anyway!

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