Thursday, April 24, 2014

Make Friends with the Creepy Crawlies

~ Garter snake ~
Ok - I'm one of those people that LOVES snakes. I am always curious to see where they are going & where they are living on my property. They are so important & helpful in keeping down insects & other unwanted critters that most gardeners cringe upon seeing.

It's important to provide them with homes such as piles of garden waste or rock piles or even just a few pieces of old log lying in a quiet corner. This one I found under a pile of Astilbe cuttings that I tossed underneath the newly emerging leaves. The pile will eventually decompose, but it provides shelter for the snake while it moves through the open spaces of the lawn.

I introduced my ducks from last year to a small snake as I had read somewhere that ducks might eat snakes, but the ducks really had no clue what to do when I tossed them a snake. They checked it out but didn't bother to follow the snake when it slithered away.

I'm glad to see they are starting to emerge from their winter homes & warm themselves on the rocky areas around the property. It surely must be a sign of a healthy garden ecosystem.

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