Sunday, April 20, 2014

Get them Eating Their Greens Early!

 I've done a lot of reading on how to care for ducks & at times it can be overwhelming! So, I'm going to start to listen more to intuition & instinct & pay attention to the duck.

First concern: is the duck getting the proper nutrients & protein? I think we are doing ok with our ground up duck feed (it is the adult blend with some sunflower seeds ground up too), plus some ground oatmeal & finally a sprinkle of brewer's yeast.

~ early morning harvest of fresh greens ~
But an easy way to get nutrients & protein into the little peeper is through greens! I enjoy heading out to the gardens in the morning to pick some fresh leaves & see what I can entice the duckling with. A few moments contemplating the life of something else that you've been entrusted with is a great way to start the day!

This morning's selection is (top clockwise): dandelion leaves, violet flowers, comfrey & lettuce greens.

(the more people that start viewing dandelions as edible weeds, the less concern we'll have over what our lawns look like! Take revenge - eat them!!)
~ green soup all day long ~

Don't even bother to wash the greens - ducks eat dirt all the time, so now is a good time to have a few grains in whatever greens you collect.

Chop it up fine - super fine - get a sharp knife. I remove the ribs of the leaves as they are just a bit tough for the wee duckling to swallow. I won't feed the entire dish all at once, but will keep the greens in water & a few times during the day when I change the water in the brooder, I'll put in a fresh amount. I do believe there is a very small slug in there somewhere - we'll see if it escapes the bowl during the day or if I can get it in the brooder & see what the duckling does.
~ nom-nom-nom ~

The little peeper made a mess of the clean tote within about 3 minutes of it being clean. That's what I get for putting in a deep water dish!

~ splish-splash ~
The silly little darling just hops right in & splashes it out all over the place!

But it enjoys the greens & eats them quite quickly. At this stage, it is typical of all babies - it eats & poops all the time!!

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