Monday, April 14, 2014

Failing to Read the Small Print

I should properly introduce you to my 'not white' white rhododendron. This is "Mikkeli" - a Finnish rhodo which (as it says on the tag that was still on the plant) has: 'white flowers with pink tinge & green spots.'

Do not be fooled by pictures on your tags, nor the casual description of the word 'tinge' - this plant will become pinker as it matures (I'm actually surprised it has flowered every year since I bought it).

I feel some slight Gardener's Guilt in banishing the plant to back of the property because it was not what I envisioned it to be - all because I did not read the fine print on the tag & did not research it properly prior to planting. I'm sure I could have brought it back for exchange once I found out exactly what I had...

Lesson learned & I will surely start to appreciate 'Mikkeli' (St. Michael) more over the years as it is an early bloomer & a consistent bloomer. As for those green spots... I'd like to see more of them, if they do indeed exist...

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