Friday, March 14, 2014

What's Black & Sweet & full of Wiggles?

~ red wigglers inside the tumbler ~
 Early spring is a great time to empty your composter. I had stopped putting my kitchen compost into it around December (that's when I put it directly on my rhubarb plants for the rest of the winter).

I give my tumbler a few months to complete the composting process & allow the bugs & insects to get busy inside. I don't have a 'hot compost' - maybe if I covered the tumbler in the winter or paid more attention to the quantities of brown, green & other matter I toss in, it would do its thing more quickly.

~ wheelbarrow full of sweet smelling black gold ~

I now have a wheelbarrow full of yummy-goodness for the gardens. Then the skies opened back up & I had to cover up the wheelbarrow before it filled up with water & drowned all those wonderful red wigglers.

Hopefully the weather clears up soon, or else I'll have to transfer the compost to some totes to hold til later in the spring. I don't like applying the compost too early in the season - all those nutrients just wash away in the rain!

I now have an empty composter ready to be filled back up with kitchen & garden waste.

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