Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wanna Check out my Buds??

~ blueberry buds ~
 This is the time of year when I start to feed my berry bushes, canes & trees. It's a good time to also clear out any weeds from around the base & 'fluff' up the mulch that might still be left - if the birds haven't done that already.

Today I got out between rain/snow fall & started inspecting things a bit closer. Are we ahead or behind or right on time? Hard to tell with the strange February weather we just passed through. So stop a moment & check out my bud action!

~ blueberry buds ~
The blueberry bushes are coming along much better this year now that they have nothing to fear from potential deer munching! I pruned out some of the branches a couple weeks ago before there was any bud action & hopefully I'll only have to do small yearly maintenance for a while as they recover fully.

~ gooseberry row ~
My row of gooseberries (are they gooseberries or josta berries? I think I need an 'expert' to help me with this one - the fruit last fall was dark-dark, almost black currant in colour but the size of a gooseberry)  -ANYWAY- they are usually/always the first to send out leaves & then pretty quick their flowers. I have 4 plants that have grown very quickly since I transplanted them here (grown from cuttings from a neighbour) & this year, this spot is receiving its very own mason bee house! I'll have to start watching the plants carefully & monitoring the temperature - I don't have plans on putting out the houses & bee cocoons til April 1st, unless the temperature warms up substantially. I hope things time right & that I'm able to get these bushes pollinated well so I can have a good harvest. Mason bees will be the key!

~ hydrangea ~

I'm so pleased at how well my hydrangea are recovering from not being munched on by the deer. The shrubs are all loaded with leaf buds & should be loaded down with amazing flowers later on this summer.

~ loganberry ~
 The loganberries were pruned & tied last fall when we had some very nice November weather. Good thing too since I usually do all that in February & that wasn't about to happen this year. Last year's harvest was stellar - so a few handfuls of berry food & a check to see if the ties are still holding & that should be about all I need to do til I get in some more straw to mulch around the base of the canes. Good to see they are eager to get growing!
~ pink lilac ~

Lilacs are a mystery to me - for the most part. I have a purple & a row of white lilacs that have been in place for 5 years but have yet to bloom. I adore lilacs & would love to have clumps of them all over the yard - if I could only figure out how to get them to flower.

I did invest in some unusual pink lilacs - these are 'reblooming' lilacs & I'll get 2 blooms a year, but they are not your typical flower. They are more open (versus that lovely tight cluster of fragrant blooms we all know) & the blooms are very small & don't have much of a scent. Plus they are pink. Really? Why are there so many plants out there that are either pink or purple? But at least I can say that I have lilac blooms & I do admire them for having thwarted the deer for the first few years!

There's lots more starting to bud up out there. Could do with some warmer temperatures so we can get out & enjoy it. Looks like spring is going to stampede by this year!

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