Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mother Nature Waits for No One!!

~ mason bees emerging in the house ~
These are mason bees & they should NOT be in the house! I'm so glad I decided to do a little pre-planning for "March 17th - Plant your Peas Day" by going downstairs to locate my peas. I found a bee on my floor! They decided to start hatching before I put the houses & boxes of bee cocoons outside!

I purchased 2 houses with removable trays & 2 boxes of cocoons at the beginning of the month to install right in the middle of a couple of my berry patches to help with pollinating. I've got some hardware on order to make installation & removal easier, but have no idea when it will arrive. My first bee house that I got last year I had under cover beside the house & I checked it earlier in the week & thought I saw evidence that the bees were starting to emerge. Well - it's true!

The bee on the left is a female & the bee on the right (dead) is a male. Usually the males emerge first & hang around the house for when the females emerge. The males don't really do any pollinating - they are there to fertilize the females!

I quickly grabbed some bungee cords & have the houses & boxes attached to where I want them. I'll have to wait for the hubby to come home to help me attach & secure them better, in case there is another wind storm or more driving rains. The houses really shouldn't be disturbed once they are in place & as soon as I put them up, a bee came out of the box!

I hope to get some mesh installed across the front of the house as well, to aid in protecting the bees from birds intent on snacking.

(Mother Nature....please-please-please don't storm tomorrow! I need a bit of time to grab my gear to make things more secure for your little bees!!)

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