Saturday, March 15, 2014

Green Truly is my Favourite Colour

 Yesterday I managed to play outside - it had been raining in the morning but by early afternoon, the skies cleared & I got busy!

The greenhouse has always been a 'work in progress' - usually with projects piled on the shelves that need finishing.

But I do try to always have the raised bed working for me. I seeded lettuce greens last fall & then covered the area with an extra layer of plastic to help insulate the little greens.

With some of this warmer weather we are finally receiving, the greens are growing & are very tasty!

The idea was for me to move them out into the other veggie beds to grow larger, but they are so nice & tender & ready for eating right now, I just might eat them & reseed immediately!

The nice thing about them being in the greenhouse is that the leaves are clean - no dirt splashing up on them from rains & no slugs hiding on the underside... mmmm.... just might have to go pick a bowl-full for breakfast!

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