Thursday, February 20, 2014

When it Pops Up - Cover it with a Bucket!

~ look what's popping up already! ~
 Despite the gray, cloudy & mostly rainy days, Spring is making a valiant effort to step forward.

One of my much anticipated chores is to check on my rhubarb plants. Over the winter, I will put my kitchen compost directly on the dormant plants instead of into the compost tumbler.

It's amazing how quickly the compost breaks down & at this time of year, I'll gently remove the thick layer of mulch to see if shoots are starting to pop up.
~ remove the compost covering the crowns ~

Last week there was not much to see - but this week we have growth! So that means it's time to cover it with a different sort of cover.

I carefully remove the compost from around the crowns & check to see if the plant will require dividing this year.

~ cover them up ~

Now I just pop a tote or bucket over top the plants & wait another month or so. The stalks will grow, looking for light & I'll be able to harvest tall, tender stalks (with not much leaf growth) much sooner than usual.

I'll check on them weekly to make sure they are getting water & on really great, warm days, I'll remove the covers to let them get a bit of sunshine.

Can't wait to cook or bake with some fresh rhubarb!

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