Friday, February 14, 2014

Learning from the Experts - I Hope

~ seed tape station ~
Well, I usually have several trays of seeds started by now but this year, I'm holding back a few extra weeks due to the unusual 'spring' weather. It may have been nicer in January than this month is shaping up to be!

So, I'm doing a whole lot of 'arm-chair gardening' & came across a wonderful idea from a fellow on-line/hands-on gardener: Gardening Jones. I love reading about other people's successful ideas & this one she shared (making seed tapes how-to) could possibly make life so much easier this spring.

I'm making seed tapes. I've purchased radish seed tapes & they worked really well. Don't know if it was because they were all planted & spaced properly or if the seeds were better than what I had tried earlier in the season, but I was convinced to try seed tapes again. I just don't want to pay for them!

Today is perfect for making my own. It's raining...

I'm doing up a bunch of beets, some carrots, parsnips & left over salad greens. These are all my 'old' stock, so I want to use them up first.
~ seed tape finished product ~
I'm very intent on growing beets this year. I have some over-wintering in a covered bed & hope they don't bolt immediately once the spring weather straightens out.

I really want to make beet-horseradish this fall when I dig up my first harvest of horseradish.

I lay out my toilet paper (actually I fold it in half), dab a mix of flour & water paste where I want the seeds to be spaced, drop on the seed & fold over the TP. I label the tape & once they are dry, will package them up & have them ready for planting. Easy!

Maybe this year I'll be able to do staggered planting instead of putting all my seeds out at once & then reseed everything a few weeks later when nothing pops up.

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