Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow - Yup, that's a Four Letter Word...

~ road down to dock ~
 Snow - in my dictionary is a swear word. It fits - it's four letters & it's nasty. Well - that's my opinion...

Today, it snowed. Actually, it is STILL snowing & I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. The end of the world? A lock down in the community life? Crazy antics from people who should know better? I just might call in sick due to snow...

This was my journey home today from work. And yes, I left work early due to snow...
~ dock where my boat is tied ~

~ commute across & down the harbour ~

~ the dock I tie my boat up at - this should NOT be covered in snow ~

~ the boardwalk leading to the path up the hill to my house ~

~ my house - behind my snow-encrusted deer fence ~

~ my gardens - 2 beds have plastic covers thankfully ~

~ my greenhouse & duck enclosure (I don't think they would have liked snow, but then again, ducks are strange that way)

~ Me - barely made it home alive! ~
 I'm not going to say anything more... Turn the heat up higher, hubby! I'm freezing!!

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