Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Crafts - Challenge 6 (are we done yet??)

~ peace ~ joy ~ love ~
 Today's Challenge - looks very similar to yesterday's but requires a brave heart & a big chunk of wall.

I found 3 canvases in my art supplies & again, saw another idea for creating a big, bold holiday statement/wish/feeling that would take up a big chunk of wall space. In this case, this wall space will remain empty for the rest of the year.

I like to play around with the different fonts for my printing programs & I fell in love with 2 this year that I'm using for these 3 canvases. The capitals have this flowing peacock feather & the rest of the word includes swirls.

This was actually pretty tough to do since my printer wouldn't print out the letters large enough for me to just transfer over.
 I had to create a grid on the paper with the letters & then trace a grid on the painted canvas & start matching up what was in each square.

Too a long longer than I anticipated.

 But I'm rather glad someone convinced me to go with 'peace, joy & love' over my initial choice of 'ho-ho-ho' in extremely large blocky letters.

That would just not have fit in with all the rest of the items up in the house.

When I stand at the other side of the room, I think I could have gone even bigger & thicker in the letters. I might work on that next year - thickening up the lines or adding more contrast.

I think I might even change up the wall they hang on to see if the white wall will contrast enough to let me get by without having to break out the paint brush.

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