Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Crafts - Challenge 5

~ have a holly jolly Christmas ~
 Today's Challenge - change your wall art to something seasonal!

This one might be a challenge - but the idea is to change the art you hang on your walls to something that will hang there only for the holiday season. Changes the look & feel of your space & allows you to feel like you've refreshed your living space without having to bust out the paint supplies.

Now I actually did break out the paint supplies as I saw an idea to create your own holiday art. I had these wonderful black frames with white mats that were crying out to be hung on the walls. I have craft paper & acrylic paints & after some serious 'artistic anxiety' moments (it's been many years since I've done any painting), I painted 'have a holly jolly Christmas'. (I could make the letters thicker & just might do that next year...)
~ merry Christmas ~
 The second one was 'Merry Christmas' in the shape of a Christmas tree. I'll be honest & tell you that I'm not that creative to come up with this on my own. I saw it on-line, printed it & then transferred it over to my craft paper.

The ornaments in the corners of these 2 I usually hang in our tree, but I like the look of them within the black frames. Who says ornaments have to hang in a tree??
~ Ducky Holidays ~

I had one more frame & thought I'd ask the hubby for some artistic input into my endeavours this year & probably gave him 'artistic anxiety' too... But he did come up with 'Ducks in Christmas hats'. (we miss our ducks incredibly so)

Ducks in Christmas hats is a tough one to find on-line, so I had to get really creative & just use the silhouette of our beloved Pekin ducks & draw on the silly hats. 'Ducky Holiday' is probably my favourite.

Now - the black frame would have made this one pop, but I accidentally 'broke' it (it melted when it was placed too close to the baseboard heater!). So, I will have to spend the next year searching Walmart to find a replacement frame to match the other two.
~ fill your space ~

Now these I did not make - they are a find at one of my ultimate favourite shops in the next town. Garden center, chic & tacky gifts, a-ma-zing Christmas displays & each year I try to buy 2 or 3 small, simple things. This year we found 3 craft style stars. (the 3rd one is on the wall to the right behind the door - it's the larger of the 3 stars).

I previously had nothing hanging in this spot & while looking around for an appropriate place for the stars, decided to use this place. Now comes the challenge of 'what to hang here during the rest of the year....'

All these will come down towards the end of January & will be packed away til next holiday season. When the usual art gets rehung, they might go in completely different order now that I've gotten used to something different. Don't ever get tired of the items on your walls!

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