Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Crafts - Challenge 4

Sometimes don't you wish you had a clue as to how to utilize some of those amazing things you hold on to?

Today Challenge - fill the red flowerpot vase with something decorative.

Again, another easy one. I've been holding on to this amazing vase in the shape of a red flower pot for years & this year decided to fill it with twigs & hang some mini decorations from it. (it's really hard to take a decent photo of this one!)

The little Christmas balls are blue & silver - not really in with the colour theme I've been gathering over the years (red & gold), but it works. I also found some pine cones at the Dollar Store (yes, our evergreens don't give us the nice sized pine cones unless you really hunt) & they are in a nice gold colour. I have a few feathers around the house that I tucked in & think I will keep my eye out for more wild bird feathers over the year to add to the mix.

This piece is more a textural change to my leafy tree in green. Next year I might try to find a rose bush with hips on them still & use those! Mother Nature has already decorated them!

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