Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Crafts - Challenge 3

Christmas Craft Challenge - create a wreath from canning jar rings.

OK, this one isn't too difficult. It's actually been on my radar for a couple years, ever since the great 'community jam jar recycling' project I did a few years back. (I got about 500 jars & had to meticulously go through all the jars, rings & lids before I could start to use them). I've held on to all these rings with a wispy image in my mind of what I wanted.

I took a length of stiff wire (I had left over from when I tied up the raspberry plants) & I looped it through the rings. After absent-mindedly fiddling around with trying to figure out how to keep the wreath from flopping in on itself, I realized that if I punched a hole through one of the top rings & brought the wire up - thus creating a loop at the top to hang the wreath! - the whole structure was relatively sturdy.

Add a bit of ribbon & a couple tacky bows & viola! A very simple, traditional looking wreath that will, over time, rust up & become more of a keepsake piece vs a noticeable recycled piece.

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