Friday, November 22, 2013

Surprises in Boxes

 Flower boxes are still a puzzle for me. How often to water, what time of day is best, how often to fertilize, what are the best plants, drainage, sun/shade, novice gardeners ripping out plants instead of weeds...

I volunteer with a few other green & brown thumbs in town to plant & maintain a collection of flower boxes along the boardwalk railing running down the west side of our town. This year, we tried a selection of perennials, herbs, succulents & 'extras' growing in our own gardens.

Come November, the boxes are generally pretty empty for forlorn looking for the winter season. Not so down by the Post Office!!

Our Post Mistress is starting to show off her green thumb in a few of the boxes that grow outside her office. On this late day in November, she still had a box full of flowers & in the sunshine, they really did make many people's day brighter.

I thought we would also try some flowering kale in the boxes for the winter. We'll have to check back towards Christmas to see how they are doing.

I think with the return of the rains & the continuing sunshine, the flowers decided they would show off for a while longer.

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