Monday, October 21, 2013

King Bolete Jackpot!

~ Boletus edulis ~
 I came home the other day & saw a group of mushrooms growing alongside the road. I knew they were Boletus mushrooms (Boletus on Wikipedia) so I quickly picked them & brought them home for further identifying.

This was the Jackpot!

They are Boletus edulis - or King Boletes - probably one of the best flavoured mushrooms out there. (well, according to my tastebuds...)
~ jackpot! ~

~ Second one: 2 lbs! ~
~ First one: 2 lbs! ~
There were 2 very large mushrooms & each weighed 2 lbs! That's a lot of 'shroom!

Since mushrooms are tender finds, you'll want to process them immediately, so I chopped up the 2 large ones & fried them in butter & garlic.

I now have servings in the freezer for winter stews & soups.

The smaller ones I sliced up & dried. I like to grind them & add sprinkle them on whatever I'm cooking for some added nutty flavour. One of my preferred ways to use it is when I'm making rice - grind it up, sprinkle in with the rice & water & instant yummy flavour!
~ mmmm-mushroom! ~


Scotkat said...

Well done you on a great find.

But you still really have to be careful with mushrooms.

Michelle's Green Thumb said...

Yes, properly identifying mushrooms is essential to enjoying them without making yourself (or others) sick.

The wonderful thing about social media is there are always people willing to share their tips & tricks for identifying what you have.

Within a couple hours of finding these, I ordered from Amazon a couple of mushroom id books that are used by people in my neighbourhood - so I know they are going to show me what grows out here.