Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Frost of the Season

~ frosty lawn ~
 It's late in October, the weather has been wonderfully dry & warm & sunny, so I'm not sure why I was slightly surprised to see frost this morning...

I'm still busy out in the gardens planting new bulbs & transplanting things out of the veggie beds & into the flower beds.
~ frosted clary sage & purple toadflax ~

 We are lucky out here on the coast to be so close to the ocean. While it does bring us fog in the late summer, it does keep us moderately snow free in the winter.

I'm glad the ground won't freeze for another month or so & I'm also glad I put the plastic row cover over my winter greens!

In a few hours it will be warm enough for me to head back out in shorts & t-shirt to continue playing in the garden!

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