Friday, October 11, 2013

Berries in the Fall

Fall is my favourite time of year.
The weather may be unpredictable but the rains are necessary after the drought of summer & usually mean a continuation of the growing season for another couple months.

As long as the sun shines, the berries will continue to produce & I absolutely love fall raspberries!

This year my raspberry patches were great producers. I've never had such an abundant crop in the summer & the berries were all large & full of flavour. Must have been the mason bees I invested in!

The fall crop is also doing extremely well - check out the size of these berries!! Must have been the pig poop I applied & the well timed rain fall...

Many of the canes are well over 8 feet tall & since my supports aren't that strong, they all lean over, nearly touching the ground. This means that the flowers are closer to the level that I find most of the fall pollinators are flying at. They seem lazy & sluggish, but I always double check the canes before wading in to pick fresh berries.

I hope to get a picture of some of the pollinators - they are the late season bees & lots of wasps - yes, wasps are pollinators too!

Looks like I'll be picking well into November this year! Can't wait.

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