Friday, September 27, 2013

Harvest Time!

~ Scarlett runner beans ~
 Spring & Autumn are the best seasons for growing things out on the Wet Coast - the summers are just too dry & cool/foggy. Hard to plan a garden around that, but I'm working on it!

Currently, I'm eating fresh runner beans. Love that I can keep picking & they will continue to produce! Plus, with some of these beans, we only need 2 or 3 each & that satisfies us for dinner. (I like to munch on a couple in the mornings when I'm hanging with the ducks)
The raspberries are loving this weather - although today I noticed they are bending way over due to the deluge of rain we had yesterday - not very good for the canes...
~ raspberries ~

Their size is very large & the flavour is quite fruity - I would have thought with all the rain, there would be less flavour (like the dismal blackberry crop this year). Maybe it's because I've been dumping local pig poop on the plants all summer long...
~ radishes ~

The radishes are coming along nicely - although, with all this rain, they might become spicy... I've not noticed worms attacking them & the few I've sampled are wonderful! Just might have to go check on them today & pull a few out for dinner.... (side note: the ducks went wild for the radish tops - new special treat!)

~ lettuce ~

I've got a few lettuce plants started, but unless I put some plastic row covers over them, I don't think they will do much from now til next spring. The weather just isn't warm enough for long enough for them to grow very large.

Will have to get some growing in the greenhouse too!

~ crab apples ~
I harvested my first crab apples!! It was only about 6 or 7 & some of them were already buggy - but I roasted them up with some butter & poudre fort & we had them on smoked-BBQ pork chops & they were heavenly! Can't wait to see this little tree grow & produce more!

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