Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting a Little Duck Strange

The hubby went to town the other day to get the car fixed & buy groceries. The story is much more complicated than the simple: that's not what happened - but at least he made it home & he bought the 1 thing on the grocery list we can't eat. A teapot... but what a teapot!!

It's a DUCK TEAPOT!! Who would have thunk you could find something like that just wandering through a 2nd hand store?

I had previously found this darling green ceramic duck (not a goose) & sneaked it home with all our other groceries & sundries. Quite cute & not too tacky.

I'm a little concerned now that we've started buying each other 'duck things' that other people will think they can surprise us with random duck knick-knacks. We may have just opened Pandora's box to a world of wacky-quacky...

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