Monday, September 23, 2013

Duck Update

 Well, today the darling ducks are 20 weeks old - considered 'adult' ducks now...

We've had torrential rains over the last week or so - which means large puddles & new challenges.

We installed a 'sun porch' with 'wind & rain shield' on their deck... Yes, the ducks now have a covered deck...

This is actually a good thing - we somehow forgot that in positioning their house to face south (lots of year-round sun) that the entrance will get blasted with the winter storms & rain will be blown inside the house. We are hoping that the wind & rain shield will help reduce this. We can remove the plywood come spring time...

The excessive rains have also meant that the ducks now have some new puddles, pools & ponds. The water gets 'stanky' pretty quick, but it also drains within a few days.

I would like to dig this pool out a bit more (next spring?) so they actually have some proper room to dive & swim - something they adore to do given enough space.

 The pool is on the far side of the property from their enclosure, so if they want any time in it on the days when we work all day & they have only an hour of yard time in the mornings, they literally gallop across the lawn to get there!

I like that it provides some shade at this time of year. Amazingly enough - September sunshine can get pretty hot & it is rather humid out there after all the rain.

Today, after spending hours down in their pond, they decided to take their mid-afternoon nap close by the house in a tiny sliver of shade by the deck. I think they missed having me out in the yard, but I was busy in the house making pesto - I'm sure they could hear the blender going!

It's good to have them running around the yard - I've never noticed how many small slugs there are out there til I started really looking for things to give them!

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