Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Colours in the Fall Garden - Part 4~

~ rose bloom ~
 September is a great month - sometimes you get plants that put out a 2nd or 3rd bloom, as long as the weather remains warm enough & the sun shines.

I purchased 2 rose bushes this summer when I attended the Lavender Harvest in Metchosin, BC. It was purely a spur-of-the-moment decision as I really know nothing about growing roses out on the coast. (what do you do to over-winter them? Oh wait - we don't get winter...)

Anyway - I didn't wait too long before I planted them & they have rewarded me with my first rose blooms! Creamy white with pale pink edging & yellow splashes in the center. Plus, I can feed the flowers to the ducks - they haven't yet figured out they can reach the petals on their own - which is a good thing!
~ blue hydrangea ~
They hydrangeas are still blue, although with all this rain we've gotten this past week, I'm not sure how long they will last on the shrub. They look so nice over the winter as they dry into a deep purple colour. I'll have to go for a walk-about & see what the neighbours are doing with theirs.
~ gladiola ~

I planted gladiola bulbs a few years ago & had some wonderful flowers. But then the packaging told me to dig them out each fall & re-plant them each spring. Sounds like too much work for me!! So I left a bunch in different locations & am randomly rewarded with the odd bloom here & there. Some will bloom in late August & this one decided to bloom this week. I've brought it into the house to enjoy & we'll see if that bulb will produce again next year.

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