Monday, September 16, 2013

Colours in the Fall Garden - Part 3

~ mystery flower ~
 I love growing new plants - new to me, new to the neighbourhood & sometimes new to the person who sold/gave me the seeds/plant.

This spring I went to a Seedy Saturday event & purchased a package of seeds that I was told was mislabeled. They had no idea what the plant would be.

I purchased it because it was supposed to be purple flowers in the fall. 'Ta-Da....' That's what they came up to be - but I had no idea what they were & none of my books was any help in identifying this one. I turned to my on-line gardening friends...
~ purple toad flax ~

It didn't take very long before the proper id was found: purple toad flax (Linaria). I love the little, tiny flowers - and they are small! About the size of your pinkie fingernail!! They look a little like snap dragons & larkspur...

They are a perennial that I now have to find new homes for as all the plants I grew (well over a dozen) are in my veggie beds where they have protection from curious ducks...

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